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T-shirts for men cover a wide range of products, from the simple and basic black t-shirt to the fashionable polo, both of which have a plethora of possible applications. Regardless of the purpose and type, there are two things that should go hand in hand with the perfect product – namely design and quality. This is why Kaufmann carries a wealth of models and types, so that you can have the perfect selection of T-shirts in your wardrobe. Without a doubt, they are a must in any man’s wardrobe for any season, so it is important to have a number of stylish, quality models to choose between. If you are on the lookout for a new T-shirt for your wardrobe, then check out our selection here on this page, which has it all, from smart logo t-shirts to the classic plain colors.

Men’s t-shirts were originally part of the american uniform

The popular short-sleeved shirt was named after its shape, which forms a T when looking at the trunk and arms. The first time men’s T-shirts saw the light of day was in 1913 during the Spanish-American war, where the American soldiers used them as undergarments. Later, in the Second World War, they became a natural and official part of the American uniform. For a long time thereafter, many people regarded them as an undergarment that should be worn under regular clothing. However, today it is an independent article of clothing and has been a major part of men's fashion for many years.

A large selection of quality modern t-shirts for men

With an abundance of possible uses, a men’s T-shirt is a must-have for any man. In the summer, it is ideal during the hot days or for those cool evenings when it’s too chilly for just a tank top and a white T-shirt is perfect under a shirt. In the winter, it is a good match with a nice cardigan or under a stylish sweatshirt, and it can be used with jeans, chinos and a pair of denim shorts. Today, you can find it in a wealth of designs, spanning a wide range of colours, and you can choose between countless printed T-shirts, patterns and designs – all in soft and stylish cotton, which ensures good freedom of movement and a perfect fit. Choose a polo for a more elegant look or a colourful standard T-shirt to look more sporty and relaxed – particularly when worn in combination with a pair of sneakers.

At kaufmann-store.com you can buy men’s t-shirts online

At Kaufmann-store.com, we carry a wide selection of T-shirts for men online. For us, it is an honour to be able to choose and hand-pick the best and most exclusive styles from collections from the top fashion houses. On our site, you can therefore find clothes from the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry, Polo Ralph Lauren, Signal, Gant, Sand, Hugo Boss, Allan Clark and many more. You are thus ensured some of the best quality on the market, with the most stylish designs and the best materials. So lean back in your chair or on your sofa go loose in our web shop!