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Ibiza Bohemian Life

The Ibiza dream is more than just the dream of heavy drinking and thumping techno music. The island has an international in-crowd who passionately love the island with its white houses. They have created their own Ibiza lifestyle, relaxed, chic , where the focus is on aesthetic and enjoyment. They own beautiful houses around the island and when they stay on the island they call themselves luxury bohemians. For these people the Ibiza dream is synonymous with the enthralling view of the azure-coloured Mediterranean sea from their villas, which they have decorated in a relaxed bohemian style, and which are located on the oleander- scented sides of the mountain, flanked with palm trees, cypress and pine. BY VIBE NØRGAARD PHOTOGRAPH: GETTY IMAGES
Before the hippies and the jet set arrived, Ibiza was the charming capital for fishermen and traders. The oldest part of the town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The immensely attractive white island

Even in the 1950s, Hollywood stars loved this small, beautiful island. With its untouched beaches in small hidden bays and charming laid-back villages, Ibiza soon became the secret retreat for a small and exclusive jet set.


After the famous, the hippies came. During the 1960s and 1970s, as Mallorca became the destination of many people (too many some would say) and became a victim of mass tourism, Ibiza became the destination for hippies and beatniks, who were attracted to the island’s still primitive beauty, its low cost of living and its very tolerant local population. They flocked to Ibiza and they stayed there. A great many of them settled as artists and craftsmen and built workshops where they continue to create the art and crafts that are a part of the completely special bohemian style found in the island’s exclusive villas.

Wild parties

The famous nightclubs stared to appear in the 1970s. To begin with, it was the hippies and the jet set who partied, but throughout the 1990s, Ibiza became the place where young people consumed alcohol and drugs. Today, the number of clubs and young party-seekers has fallen. The bars are still busy, especially in San Antonio but outside the big towns things are peaceful and quiet. Today, the island is a mix of local people, international jet-setters, stars, old hippies, artists and designers who all share a love for Ibiza’s laid-back bohemian style, and have moved into the beautiful houses dotted around the island.

The villas

The white villas have an elegant, simple aesthetic, with touches of the island’s architecture combined with modern minimalism. The view is always amazing. There is shade under the trees, the pool mirrors the blue waters of the Mediterranean. The villas are oases of beauty, luxurious destinations for busy people, with countless terraces, lounge atmospheres, expensive international design combined with items from the local hippy markets.

Famous people from around the globe spend holidays in huge villas that look like they are from a Hollywood film set, while the world’s most expensive football players live close to each other in luxury resorts on Talamanca Beach, where they have purchased expensive apartments.

The international jet-set also are known for renting the luxury villas on the island. Every year, Paris Hilton DJs in the exclusive nightclub Amnesia, which she is a co-owner of. One of those villas could be the chalk-white Villa Rolia, a modern masterpiece with a view of Formentera, which costs DKK 30,000–60,000 for a single overnight stay.

Ibiza is characterised by its many small hidden bays with beaches with fine sand, where you can enjoy life and swim in the azure-blue water before returning to the villa or perhaps ending up in one of the island’s many clubs.

Rock star’s daughter

Villa Can Rocas is located on Ibiza’s north east side. It is a 17th century estate with a mesmerising view of the sea. The property has been lovingly restored and is extremely luxurious. The woman who resides there is the daughter of Mick Jagger, one of the biggest rock stars in the world. Jade Jagger is a jewellery designer and member of the international jet set. She has renovated the property in an exclusive bohemian style with elements of disco and techno. Design junkies will love the house, its endless space filled with design furniture and Indian and local textiles. So too will gourmet enthusiasts, because the kitchen is the most exclusive of its kind – and with equipment from Electrolux Grand Cuisine. There are almond, lemon and olive trees in the garden, with fruit ready to be plucked and used in gastronomic recipes. The countryside around the villa is quiet, peaceful and filled with beauty – but Ibiza is and will continue to be a party island, so to complete the rock star bohemian look, there are disco balls hanging from the palm trees that surround the pool.

Bohemian lifestyle

What better way to pass the day, than bathing in some of Europe’s paradise beaches. Like Cala D’Hort with its view of rocky island Es Vedra, rising 400 m above the azure-blue water. Or in a deserted lagoon, which no one else has found, so you have it all to yourself. Perhaps you will eat lunch with friends in a square in one of the island’s small villages. For example, Santa Gertrudis, where you can also browse in the small stores and find carpets, glass or flowerpots for the villa, or visit Sluiz, a veritable mecca for household items. Situated inside a huge warehouse and full of inspirational interior design from the around the world – Moroccan glass teacups, and Mexican and Asian textiles. You may choose to visit The Hippy Market – the ultra hippy market, which is open every Wednesday in Es Canar, a town that feel like it is from the 70s with long-haired hippies wearing colourful leather, sandals and headbands. Back at the villa, the pool looks enticing, guests are on their way, and perhaps you will end up in on one the island’s clubs or just stay in the villa and enjoy looking up at the stars.

Sound enticing?

There is probably no other location in Europe where you can find the same unrivalled combination of the authentic, down-to-earth, trendy and opulent as you do on Ibiza. If you want to try the lifestyle there are many options for renting a house on Ibiza, e.g. or you can rent the more luxurious kinds at or Prices vary, but they are never cheap. Staying in the most luxurious villa costs DKK 20–30,000 for one night. If you want to purchase, prices are also high. You can purchase a beautiful villa for DKK 12–14 million. And there are houses that cost a lot more.

The other island

Ibiza’s smaller sister island, Formentera, is just a short ferry trip away. The in-crowd meet here to enjoy the virgin beaches, which are some of the best in Europe and to swim– mainly naked – in the azure-blue sea, to dive, eat fish and paella, and to dance during the evening.