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Blazers and suit jackets

A blazer should be a fixed item in any man’s wardrobe – and one that can be made both casual or formal. A blazer is an informal counterpart to the lounge suit because it has a more casual, everyday use look. This means it can make your look slightly more casual, but not as laid-back as a cardigan does. Here at, we have put together a strong and versatile selection of blazers in different textiles, colours, cuts, patterns and much more. You can choose from a huge range of different blazers from some of the most exclusive brands on the market. There’s no excuse for not finding the perfect blazer in our online shop

Why choose a blazer?

Nowadays there are wide variety of different types of light jackets for men. So it can be difficult finding precisely the type that matches your look and of course, the look you want to achieve. When you want something almost as fine as suit but not quite as laid back as a cardigan, the blazer is the perfect choice. It is an all-round jacket which can be worn for everyday use or to parties and over both a pair of suit trousers or jeans. It functions both as a modern item of clothing and as a stylish jacket when you want to have a more traditional look. So purchase a blazer if you want something that is a more multifunctional, which never goes out of fashion and at the same time, represents the highest standards in men’s fashion.

How did men’s blazers come about?

The stylish jacket was ‘invented’ at the end of the 19th century, as something that could be slung over the shoulders after rowing or tennis. Some people theorise that the name came from the crew of the HMS Blazer, a small ship where the crew wore blue and white-striped jackets or it came from the rowers at Cambridge University’s Lady Margaret Boat Club, who were often seen in attractive red jackets, which a sports commentator named ‘ablaze’, which means flaming colours. The attractive rowing girls were simply ‘ablaze’ in their jackets on the water. The standard (and a bit more boring) theory is that the world comes from the upper-class activity of “emblazoning”, i.e. to decorate their breast pockets with emblems about important events.

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You can choose which one of the three theories that you want to believe in but it is an undeniable fact that the popular men’s blazer or suit jacket is the most useful item of clothing that a man can own – and we recommend that you have a woollen one for winter and a thin one for summer. You will find a wide selection of different kinds of blazers that vary in shape, colour, material and much more, and they can be worn with both classic white T-shirts and modern printed shirts. This means that you can find a blazer that will be ideal for whatever you want it for.