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Get dressed for the summer

Summer is upon us and it's time to dig out the breezy summer clothes from the wardrobe. Long sunny days, wine on the terrace, we've all been dreaming away to the lovely summer weather and holidays down south, and now the time has finally come. Below, we've got some ideas for the perfect summer outfit to get you through the summer in style.

Swim trunks or not?

It's easy to look like a beach tourist when you're trying to make your beach outfit work at the lunch restaurant. That's why our advice is to always choose a collared top for your swim shorts, either a polo shirt like the ones in the photos below, or a short-sleeved linen shirt. This gives you a more formal look, so you do not stick out from the crowd when you move away from the pool or beach.

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Klæd dig på til sommeren

The linen shirt, a summer must have

On the hottest days in Denmark, you'd almost prefer not to wear clothes. But you'll probably be the only one to benefit from this solution. One way to avoid this is to use materials that are suitable for the season, and linen is perfect for that. Linen is not as tightly woven as cotton, for example, and is therefore more breathable and lightweight. Our pick for a good linen shirt is either a simple basic from Tommy Hilfiger, which you can match with pretty much anything. Or a slightly more daring one from NN07, which is an all-over print that screams summer.

See our selection of linen shirts here.

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Layer on layer

A hot summer day in Denmark does not necessarily mean a hot evening. A good basic sweater in your wardrobe can be enough to get you through the evening and if that's not enough, you can add a vest as the final layer. Below, a grey sweatshirt from Polo Ralph Lauren and a vest from Barbour show a great way to add layers to your outfit without compromising on style.