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    Polos and polo shirts

    Every man should have one or two different coloured polo shirts in their wardrobe collection! These shirts are amazing items of clothing, perfect for both formal and informal activities. They can be worn at the office, for leisure activities and in most situations. At Kaufmann-store.com, we have a wide selection of the well-known and popular brands, such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Gant, EA7, Hugo Boss, Signal, Sand, Allan Clark and many more. So you will find something that suits every taste and every look. All of these brands share excellent quality and a sporty and relaxed look.

    Popular men’s polos and polo shirts are no longer just for tennis stars

    The popular polo shirts were first worn by tennis players throughout the 19th century – just in another form than the one we know today. The tennis players back then wore long-sleeved polo shirts with collars and ties, which did not exactly make them more pleasant to wear. It was only when René Lacoste, the seven-time French Grand Slam designed a more loose-fitting and comfortable polo shirt that the men’s tennis outfit changed forever. He carried out a huge marketing campaign in 1933 for his clothing and polo players, whose uniforms were uncomfortable to wear, and tennis players started wearing polo shirts. And thus the style of clothes gets its name from polo players, which is ironic, when it is tennis players who first wore them. Ralph Lauren immediately incorporated the concept as part of their fixed range and its popularity increased dramatically.

    Men’s polos come in all shapes and sizes today

    Today, it’s not just sports enthusiasts but all men who want a sporty, elegant and casual look. This is why the market and range of polo shirts has increased over the years and today all major fashion houses have their own version of the popular item of clothing. All of them use attractive wool, which makes them pleasant and above all comfortable to wear – whether its worn at work, and during leisure activities, such as on the golf course. It is the perfect match for jeans or chinos and it is an elegant part of any sporty outfit. You can beneficially combine a polo shirt with a pair of sneakers for the totally active look.

    Buy your next polo shirt online at Kaufmann-store.com

    If you explore this page you will find a wide selection of men’s polo shirts, which Kaufmann has carefully selected on the basis of strict criteria – high quality, exclusive design and attractive materials. This means that every polo shirt you find here meets these requirements. We also have very different brands, colours, patterns, shapes and our assortment includes long-sleeved polo shirts, so there is something to suit everyone. We extend our assortment whenever the major fashion houses launch new polo shirts. So regularly check this page so you can stay up to date with all of the latest fashion. We hope you will find your favourite polo shirt in our assortment. If you have any questions, then please visit your nearest Kaufmann store where our staff stand ready to help you with good advice and guidance.