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Eton shirts and ties

When talking about outstanding quality, Eton shirts and ties are in a class of their own. With over 75 years’ experience in the area, the Swedish clothing company has developed the ability to uniquely combine the old, classic tailoring traditions with modern design and high quality. One of this brand’s characteristics is that they do not allow current trends to determine their production of clothes for men. Instead, they create their own lasting trends – 'We want to create tomorrow’s vintage' is the brand’s mantra. The company is thus not driven by trends and tendencies in the fashion world, but instead by their great passion for shirts. They know what looks elegant on a real man, and this knowledge is clearly expressed in Eton shirts, ties, bow ties, scarves and so much more, which you can find right here on the page.

When it comes to Eton shirts, the golden number is 45

But why exactly 45? Well, you see, this is the exact number of parts that make up a shirt. And, when shirts are being designed and manufactured by the Swedish company, these are 45 of the best quality parts. Nothing less. Right from the beginning, their goal is to produce beautiful shirts. Quality is at the core of the tailor’s trade, and it makes each product exceptionally functional. In 1928, right after the Great Depression, the Swedish married couple Annie and David Pettersson were forced to close down their sawmill. So instead, they started a new business where they made quality shirts. The business was originally called Skjortefabrikken Special. However, when one of their sales staff wanted to try to sell the shirts on the English market, the name was changed. The Swedish name, Skjortefabrikken Special, was simply too difficult to pronounce for the English and it also lacked an international ring. The brand’s name comes from the famous and exclusive Eton College in England. After all, an exclusive brand needs an exclusive name.

Buy Eton shirts online

Right from the start, Eton’s goal was to produce beautiful shirts of the highest quality. And that is what they have been doing since 1928. Quality and focus on every detail is at the core of the tailor’s craft, and it makes each shirt exceptionally functional. The company only uses the best materials in their production, and with over 80 years’ experience behind them, they create clothes for selective men who want quality and great design. Here at, we are pleased to be able to offer you an exquisite, hand-picked selection of different clothes and accessories from this brand, which we hold in very high regard.

Eton also includes ties, bow ties, jewellery, scarves and much more

Even though Eton shirts are the most popular and in-demand products from the brand, their collections span so much more. You will also find ties, bow ties, scarves, jewellery and so on. All the products are of the same exceptional quality and with the same sense of exclusive detail as you have come to expect. The target group is broad, and it is easy to combine clothes for either a classic or modern style.