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A men’s shirt is extremely multi-purpose, and it is therefore also a must-have for any man and his wardrobe. Thanks to its great versatility, it can be used for jeans, dinner jackets and suits – and is ideal for work, parties and leisure. The short-sleeved shirt is perfect for summer parties combined with a modern denim shirt to create a stylish and classic look. Regardless of the outfit and the occasion, any man should have at least one well-fitting and stylish shirt in his wardrobe – and preferably a few so that there are some options to choose between. If you need to expand your wardrobe, you can find a large selection of different models at Kaufmann in everything from striped shirts to plain shirts.

Back when a shirt for men was regarded as an undergarment

Until the 20th century, men’s shirts were only regarded as being an undergarment, so they were therefore considered to be a relatively unimportant article of clothing. And until then, it was primarily just poor people or prisoners who wore the humble attire, which at that time, symbolised poverty and low class. In the 16th century, nobles upgraded the garment with frills, laces and embroidery, which changed the common perception. Shirts were now considered a symbol of wealth and nobility. Over the next centuries, they evolved into a common item, and today every self-respecting man owns one or two. Here at Kaufmann we always have a great selection of modern men's shirts and classic shirts such as Oxford shirts which are always great-looking.

A men’s shirt for any occasion

Today, the market has grown, and shirts are available in countless variations, which differ from each other in thousands of ways. Some have different collars and cufflinks, while others differ in colour or pattern, which could consist of chequered shirts, striped or modern print. And at this stage, we have not even touched upon details like breast pockets and stitches. Furthermore, they can also differ in shape – some shirts are slim-fit while others are looser. The large and broad selection ensures that there is something for every taste and for every look. Some are intended to create the traditional look such as business shirts, while others are casual shirts, ideal for everyday use. Furthermore, you always have the option of pepping up the outfit by adding a tie or a bow tie – or to tone it down by wearing a pair of jeans.

Buy men’s shirts online at

At, you will find a large selection of men’s shirts, and each one has been handpicked from major fashion houses all over the world. Among our assortment of shirts, you will therefore find popular brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Stenströms, Hugo Boss, Eton, Signal and many more. We have selected them on the basis of stringent requirements – exclusive quality, modern and stylish design, and great comfort and fit. We constantly endeavour to expanding our assortment to make sure that it is updated with the newest trends within this branch of men’s fashion, so you will also find a wide selection of printed shirts and the modern overshirts. If you have any questions or need some help and advice, then please visit your nearest Kaufmann store where our skilled staff stand ready to help you..