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Every man should own at least one suit! It should be a standard item in every man’s wardrobe. So if you don’t already own a suit, let help you – we have been selling menswear since 1908. This means we have extensive expertise and experience in precisely this area and why in our online shop you will find the best of the best and at the same time we have endeavoured to ensure you have choice when choosing associated accessories, such as pocket squares and modern cufflinks. We hope you find the suit that meets your needs and preferences.

Men’s suits have been a part of great style for over 100 years

The suit goes all the way back to 17th century England, when the law demanded that all noblemen wear black suits in public. Even then, the clothing was called a ‘suit’. The word come from the French ‘suite’, which means follow. ‘Suit’ was therefore the word to describe when trousers, jacket and waistcoat were of the same style and colour and purchased and above all, worn at the same time. In Danish the word for suit is ‘habit’. This is also a French word, which is from the Latin ‘habitus’, which means texture or to ‘have’ or ‘own’ something, which makes sense considering suits were originally worn by noblemen. As time went on however, it became a single item of clothing and more or less every man owned one suit. If you don’t yet have a suit, then it’s time for you to invest in one.

Suits for men of all ages

Originally, the only kind of suit was the classic black suit but today there are many different kinds, varying in colour, design and cut. The most popular colours are grey and dark blue but of course there are suits in more challenging and eye-catching shades. In addition, they have many details such as buttons, stitching and shape. This means that there is a wealth of options available when you decide to buy a men’s suit. Today most men own more than one suit and the suit can be worn for everyday use or to parties. For example, you can choose to combine the jacket with a pair of jeans to shine up your normal everyday look.

Buy suits online, right here on

Buy your suit online at, where you will find a wide and exclusive selection of suits for men of all ages – from classic suits to modern suits. Kaufmann sells suits from several leading designers from all over the world , such as from Hugo Boss, Sand, Tiger of Sweden and Citta di Milano. This means that you can be sure the design, quality and comfort is first-class. So all you need to do is find the suit that appeals to you most. So explore the page and find the suit that is perfect for you and which best matches your style, temperament and also maybe find a pair of business shoes to match your suit.