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A gentleman’s sweatshirt for leisure wear and sport certainly does not need to be a sad and uninspiring affair – quite the contrary. All the large fashion houses over the last few years have begun to design fashionable, high-quality sweatshirts, where neither design nor quality have been compromised. Furthermore, the functionality is also top-notch, so you get great freedom of movement without being irritated by annoying stitches and the like. Browse our assortment of models and let yourself be inspired for your next purchase, so that you can dress fashionably and sporty in your daily life, during your time off and for festive occasions.

Wonderful sweatshirts for men from all the major designers

As mentioned, almost all the large fashion houses have their version of how a fashionable and comfortable sweater for men should be designed and produced. At Kaufmann-store.com, we have taken the liberty of hand-picking the very best and most attractive styles from popular and sought-after brands like Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry, Gant, EA7, Allan Clark, Polo Ralph Lauren, Citta di Milano, Signal and Napapijri. So you can just lean back and shop for sweatshirts online, while choosing between the very best when it comes to design, quality, comfort and functionality. When we choose styles for our assortment, we impose stringent requirements on your behalf. This is why you can be sure that the models you find with us live up to the highest standards.

Exclusive selection of men’s sweatshirts online

The reason why sweatshirts for men have gained so much ground in the fashion world over the last few years is that wonderful sporty and casual look, which they can imbue to any outfit. Use it over your T-shirt or drape it over your arm or shoulders for that relaxed look. Or, combine it with a pair of stylish, colourful trainers to put the finishing touches on that bold and sporty look. A sweater like these can also be used with jeans, chinos and shorts, and the combination possibilities are endless. You can find plenty to choose from right here on the page, and there are many decisions to be made. Should it have a zipper? Should it have a hood? Should it be colourful or more discrete? Should there be print or a pattern – or should the design be kept simple?

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At Kaufmann-store.com, you can see our current assortment, which covers a broad range of designs, colours and sizes. We make sure to expand, renew and update our online selection, so that we are always on the forefront of men's fashion. If you are looking for a specific sweater or if there is a sweatshirt online that you are after, we will definitely have one that fits you.