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Outdoor clothing with style

Outdoor clothing has infiltrated mainstream fashion over the last couple of years. Everything from hiking boots to puffer jackets, and even dad’s favourite, the fleece, has become trendy.

It’s easy to see why as outdoor clothing has become a mix of stylish and functional, which makes it the perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe or the yearly hiking trips. Face it: you should be out in nature more. There’s a lovely landscape out there, with bulging hills and flowing fields and forests, it’s as close as you can get to an idyllic painting. Luckily, the clothes brands and designers are now making it easier than ever to look well and stylish while out for a trek (even if it’s maybe only to the closest pub).

Curious? Here’s all you need to know:

What’s the point of the outdoor trend?

The outdoor clothing’s infiltration of the fashion scene isn’t all that new. Original outdoor clothes such as puffer jackets, thick fleece jackets and old-school hiking boots, have long since been common in the leading fashion brands’ AW-collections. The latest wave of the outdoor trend has however shifted away from vintage clothing to the more technical.


Fashion-approved outdoor clothing


That the fleece is fashion-approved means that it’s one of the best things to buy for winter – they are incredibly warm and hopelessly comfortable. And now, when seemingly all outdoor and designer brands are in the men’s fleece “game”, you have more fashionable options to choose from than ever before.

Shell jackets

Even if the furthest you’re planning on walking is to the bus stop, there is some comfort in knowing that a shell jacket is a barrier against both wind and rain. Instead of large and heavy coats you tire of carrying around, a shell jacket offers a streamlined fit and a smooth outside. It’s one of the most requested winter jackets, just because they are both fashionable and functional.


Mid-layer puffer jackets

Not much can capture heat as a good puffer jacket. The puffy wonders are a corner stone in the hiking trend, and they are light, elegant and nothing less than a pleasure to wear. A good mid-layer puffer jacket will fit you comfortably and stylishly, without turning you into a Michelin man.


The best outdoor clothing brands


You cannot go wrong with Barbour. The family brand Barbour has received a so-called Royal Warrant from the Queen of England, which says a lot about the brand and its quality. Their founding principles are built on high quality, focus on the small details, and durability. Especially their jackets are known for the high quality and wear-resistant materials, so you can wear them in both wind and rain.


When we say Parajumpers, we’re talking about world-class Italian high-end fashion. When you buy a Parajumpers jacket, you get a jacket of exquisite quality and eminent fit, making it all the more comfortable to wear. Parajumpers jackets are inspired by the jackets that the 10th Rescue Squadron are wearing in their everyday work. They need to handle all types of weather and still stay extremely functional. The design is beautifully made with a focus on details.


C.P. Company

C.P. Company’s clothes designers have throughout the ages done both research and designed military uniforms and workwear. The Italian brand is known for its functional, military-inspired outerwear and the use of innovative fabrics, preparation techniques and stylish design. C.P. Company delivers modern field jackets, shell jackets, sweatshirts, and other stylish clothes for your wardrobe.