Black Friday

Kaufmann counts down to the Black Friday sales

The countdown to Black Friday has begun. Black Friday was made for you and everyone else looking for ultra-cool, high-quality trousers, a stylish jacket, a well-fitting shirt, right-on shoes and lots of other great menswear at incredibly low prices. Black Friday won’t make a black hole in your wallet. Quite the opposite. It’s the day you get bargains you can trust. Because even though you save loads of money, you know that Kaufmann never sells cheap low-quality clothing. Kaufmann is your guarantee for high-quality fashion brands – a win-win situation all round. Classic great brands at insanely low prices. You risk just one thing – your best friend will get those great bargains before you do!

Black Friday special offers – the new black

Black Friday is a well-established tradition in the USA that has sailed across the Atlantic to Denmark. Black Friday is also called “shop amok day” and for good reason. It has become the biggest shopping day in Denmark’s history. Black Friday became a mega retailing event in 2014, when 4.5 million Dankort transactions were made – the highest number of payment card transactions in a single day. Black Friday was first introduced in 2013 in Denmark, when a few online shopping sites used it as part of their sales campaigns. The following year, more and more retail businesses joined in and today stores and businesses across the entire country use Black Friday to advertise unique special offers.

Warm up for Christmas with Black Friday menswear

Black Friday is an American tradition that is held on the first Friday after Thanksgiving – the last Friday in November. It is the ideal day to warm up for Christmas shopping in December – and a great opportunity to get the first Christmas presents in and while you’re at it, get yourself a cool outfit you can wear on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Just like in the USA, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day in Denmark when the city centre is crowded with shoppers and cars. But despite the crowds you simply can’t afford to miss the huge bargains on offer at Kaufmann on Black Friday.

Purchase Black Friday clothing on Kaufmann’s shopping site

Obviously, Black Friday wouldn’t be the same without Kaufmann. We look forward to revealing this year’s unrivalled special offers in November. We guarantee great finds for quality-conscious bargain hunters throughout Kaufmann’s clothing catalogues, with the most exclusive brands at exceptionally low prices. World-class quality at world-beating prices. Whether you are looking for stylish, great-looking trousers, shirts, shoes, bags, underwear, jackets, sweatshirts, knitwear, suits, dinner jackets and much more – we’ll help you find what you need. Visit our online shopping site anytime. Feel free to visit our stores in Denmark too, where our talented personnel stand ready to help.
Black Friday